1- After clicking on join tournament button, you will be asked to enter the required info, then you will have to chose your team, if you don't have a team, you can click on create team button. 

2- Enter the Team name, contact email and contact phone number. 

3- After creating the new team, click on Join / Team Settings to edit your team and inviting your team members.  

4- Click on Members Invitation, click on generate link, and then copy the link and send it to your team members "Please note that each link is only a one time usage link" so if you were required to add a 5 members you will have to generate 5 invitation links" and finally ask your team members to accept the invitation by visiting the link, login to GBarena and click on accept invitation. 

5- After your team members accepts your invitation you will have to check them into your team and fill their required info and click save.

6- If you have any technical problems don't hesitate to contact our live support on the website, if you have any questions about the tournament itself you can contact the organizer directly on their channels.

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