1- The tournament prizes should be guaranteed by GBarena and have the yellow guaranteed icon on the tournament cover.

2- Your profile should appear in the winner's section in the tournament profile (If you believe that you that there is a mistake in the scoring, please contact the tournament organizer)

3- Winners will be contacted by someone from GBarena's team on their account on GBarena within 14 days of the tournament end date and will be asked to send accurate and valid information of the prober payment method If the required information is not provided within 14 days after GBarena's contact date the prize will be considered as canceled.

4- All prizes are transferred to the winners only through the currently supported channels: 

  • Vodafone Cash (Egypt).
  • Orange Cash (Egypt).
  • PayPal.

*no prizes are be paid in cash

5- If a prize included in-game coins or skins it's only sent from an official third party platform that has a partnership or a license from the game publisher

6- All delivered prizes and rewards do not include the withdrawal fees from the third party money transfer.

7- All delivered prizes and rewards do not include the taxes.

8- GBarena is not responsible for any tournament that doesn't have the guaranteed by GBarena icon.

9- If the prizes for the team, the only team leaders can receive all his own team member's prizes.

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