Hello, In this quick article you will find all of the needed info to create your very first awesome tournament.

First of all you need to sign into your account.

Second find our powerful, cool and light green create tournament button at the top of your page 

Then, Select new tournament.

After that you will be asked to select your game, if you didn't find the game that you are looking for please contact us.

Tournament Settings 


Organized By:
Who is organizing the tournament, you will be able to select between your own account, and the arenas you own or administrate.

Tournament Title:  

pick a descriptive title for your tournament.

Country :  

The country which you will host the tournament from.

Game Console:

The Platform/Console which you will host the tournament for.


describe your tournament. this field is also visible to your players, so make sure put all of the important information about your tournament there.


Online or Offline, if offline you will be asked to provide the location where the tournament will be played at.

Tournament Visibility:

-Public: the tournament may be listed in your arena's page, search results or even game pages.

-Hidden: Only people who have the tournament link will be able to access it.


if its a paid tournament (GB Arena isn't handling the entry fees)

Then you will find the Participants & Bracket , here you will be able to set the participants  and the brackets settings.

After that, you will be able to see the timeline tab, there you will set the tournament start time,

This time will be set according to your timezone, and each of your participants will see the same time but in their time zone.

At the
Prize, Media, Rules, and contact : you will fill those tabs with the needed information according to each topic.

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