A. Click (Create Tournament)

B. Choose (Create Tournament) to create a new tournament or choose one of the previous tournaments to clone it (It will be cloned with its Settings and Art).

C. Choose the game you want to create the tournament for.

D. (Game Platforms) Choose The Platforms.

E. (Organized By) Choose between creating a tournament with your own Arena or your personal account.

F. (Basic Details) Type the tournament name, then select the country (when selecting the country, this does not restrict the tournament to a specific country, It only show its flag on the tournament).

G. (Description) Write a clear description for the tournament that contains all of the necessary information for the tournament participants (such as: a discord server link, a group link or a Facebook page, a simplified explanation of the tournament details and rules ... etc).

H. (Location)

  • If you choose (Online), you have a choice that shows that you can give players the ability to set match results through the GBarena site, in addition to the ability to upload screenshots of the score for the matches themselves.
  • If you picked (On-ground), you will see an option to locate your event's location on Google Maps.

I. Tournament Visibility) Choose between 

  • (Public "Listed") The tournament will be listed on GBarena, Also at your arena's page. 
  • (Hidden) The tournament will only be accessible by those who have its link, and it won't be listed anywhere on GBArena. (you can choose Hidden if you want to create a tournament for a specific group of people).

J. (Fees) This option will allow you to mention the  entry fees of the tournament (knowing that GBarena is not responsible for the collection or the management of these fees ).

K. Click on "Save".

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